Excel To Web App

This is an example of how I helped my client to solve their headache excel problem by using latest web technology

Company background

This is a service and repair vehicles company. Their main job is to ensure all vehicles are in working conditions. Hence, vehicle profiles, services history and records are important to them.


Data entry admin for each shift required to enter all services whenever a vehicle down for servicing or repairing. Everything recorded in Microsoft Excel files. Several Excel reports need to be sent to manager at the end of the shift.  Then manager is going to gather all required data and churn out another set of reports for their customers


Workload of the manager is huge, he needs to check all the excel files submitted by the data entry admins to ensure the formats inline, check the blank cells, and then create some formula or macro to get the final report for the day. If error found, troubleshoot which excel reports wrong etc.. And then the same job repeats on the next day, over and over again.


Understand that a shared excel file on the local network, create some excel templates with proper macro/formula could solve their problem. However, the best and efficient way is setup a web based application for them. I am using Nodejs, Angular 7, and MYSQL to build a simple but powerful computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for them. By using this system, data entry admin directly record the data in the system by using a browser, manager can maintain the vehicle master data, generate realtime report within a few clicks. He can now use his time for the other more valuable tasks.

User Friendly GUI
Easy to use interface can improve your data entry efficiency.

Filtering & Sorting
Instead of looking at huge amount of data in excel, you can easily filtering, sorting and paginating. 

Real Time Reports
Generate real time reports on click. Export to PDF or Excel formats.

Problem Solver
Say goodbye to Excel Vlookup, Macro, CountIf, Trim, Replace etc..

Data Accuracy
Centralized data in one place